Business Intelligence

Insights and analysis utilizing and organizing raw data and on the ground research into meaningful and useful information for business purposes.

Field Research

Provide cost-effective, objective, first-hand feedback through inspections and audits on facilities, operations and suppliers around the world.

Advisory Services

Research, advice, and assessments in a concise and understandable form.

Risk Monitoring

Assist in managing and understanding country and regional risks from a political, governmental, regulatory, and operational perspective.

Checking Your Facts

Many companies maintain risk-management teams, but need an independent perspective to cross reference viewpoints provided by internal teams.

Strategic Guidance

Help clients to clarify objectives, shape initiatives, and measure results by assisting in identifying and leveraging trends and aligning capabilities.

Landscape Analysis

Overview of the risks, opportunities, and competitive landscape by region, country, or locality.

Foreign Sales

Identify market opportunities, sales leads, and perform country and regional assessments for specific products, services, and technical expertise.

Principles and Approach

SkyPatrick Global Services has a few founding principles and approaches that drive how we assess issues and provide value to clients.

Utilization of Data

DataData is vitally important, but it can also be misleading. “Trust, but verify” is a founding principle.

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Face-to-FaceHands-on experience, face-to-face interactions, and on the ground research are irreplaceable, even in today’s world of video conferencing and ubiquitous communication.

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Question the Assumptions

SkepticismRemaining skeptical of the common wisdom or accepted approach to problems drives our methodology and research.

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Culture Matters

CultureCultural differences are frequently not well understood and can prove catastrophic to investments.

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Who We Arelogo

SkyPatrick Global Services LLC is an early stage advisory firm that provides companies and private investors with valuable insights, analysis, and on the ground information with a particular focus on the agriculture, chemical,  plastic, and financial sectors.

We are focused on assisting mid-size U.S. companies that have or are considering operations, facilities, suppliers, sales, or other investments in sub-Saharan Africa. We combine and leverage expertise in foreign affairs, industrial processes, and extensive travel with a technical and analytical approach to achieve clients’ needs.